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Ontario has a number of regulated professions – from architecture and engineering to social work and veterinary medicine. A licence is required to work in these fields in Ontario. Ontario also has numerous recognized trades, some of which require mandatory certification.

Information about your regulated profession or trade:

Find your profession – Information on regulated professions.

Find your trade – Information on trades

General information about professions and trades in Ontario:

  1. Getting licensed to work in your profession or trade in Ontario – find out how professions and trades are regulated in Ontario.
  2. Academic Credential Assessment – Learn how to get your academic credentials assessed to Ontario’s standards.
  3. Bridging Programs – These programs help qualified professional immigrants move quickly into the labour market without duplicating what they have already learned.
  4. Career Maps - The Ontario Government has developed career maps for most regulated professions and trades, which explain in detail every step of the certification process.
  5. Useful Links and Resources - Links to useful websites with more information for internationally trained professionals and tradespeople.

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Regulated Occupations

It is important to realize that Ontario’s requirements for getting a licence may not be the same as those required in other Canadian provinces. For example, different courses or more experience may be necessary in some fields.

In most regulated occupations, immigrants trained internationally have to go through several steps to meet Ontario’s licensing requirements.

You may be asked to take a language test if you studied in a language other than English or French. Find out more about improving your language skills by going to “Learn English” on the right side of this page.

And you will probably be required to take examinations to demonstrate your competence to practise your profession.

If you find there are gaps in your education or experience, you may consider taking courses, improving your language skills or getting more work experience.

This section of will provide you with information to begin the process of becoming licensed in your field in Ontario.


The Office of the Fairness Commissioner makes sure that certain regulated professions in Ontario have registration practices that are transparent, objective, impartial and fair.

Global Experience Ontario helps internationally trained and educated individuals in regulated non-health professions find out how to qualify for professional practice in Ontario.

HealthForceOntario offers a number of services to health professionals, including a recruitment centre and jobs listing service.


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