Work Permits

This section explains how and when to obtain a work permit. It outlines special provisions for certain fields – such as information technology, tool and die machinists, construction, and seasonal agricultural work. It also has information for international students who want to work.

If you want to work in Canada for a limited period of time, in most cases, you must have a valid work permit issued by the Canadian government.

About Work Permits

The rules for working temporarily (for a specific length of time) in Canada:

The conditions you must follow to receive and keep a work permit

What an employer needs to do to offer a work permit to an individual

What the Canadian government considers when deciding whether to issue a work permit

Canadian Visa Offices around the world

Getting a Temporary Work Permit

Temporary work permit application forms

Jobs exempt from the work permit requirement

How to change the conditions of your work permit or extend your stay in Canada as a temporary worker

Temporary Worker Programs in Ontario

Seasonal agricultural work

Federal Live–in Caregiver Program

Workplace Health & Safety

You have the right to know about workplace hazards, participate in solving workplace health and safety issues, and refuse work you believe is unsafe.  
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Work Permits for International Students

International students who wish to study in Ontario must come with enough money to live and pay bills while studying. In some situations, students are able to work while studying and after graduating. If you plan on working temporarily in Ontario after you graduate, you will need a work permit.

Work opportunities for international students

Working temporarily in Canada

A collection of resources about studying in Canada

Study in Ontario

Working Permanently in Ontario

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is an avenue that may allow you to live and work in Ontario permanently. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program allows Ontario to nominate people for permanent resident status, and have their application fast-tracked by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). CIC will still perform important functions such as security and health checks on applicants.