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Work in Your Profession

Getting licensed to work in your profession or trade in Ontario

In Ontario, some professions set their own standards of practice. These are known as regulated professions. Regulated professions make sure that their members meet specified standards of practice. They have the authority to:

  • set entry and training requirements
  • set standards of practice
  • assess qualifications and credentials
  • register qualified applicants, and
  • discipline members.

To enter a regulated profession, apply to the organization responsible for regulating that profession (the regulatory body). The regulatory body will assess your qualifications and, if you qualify, will license, register, or certify you to practise your profession in Ontario. If you do not qualify, you have to take steps to meet the licensing requirements. A list of regulatory bodies in Ontario follows this text.

The assessment of your qualifications by the appropriate regulatory body takes time and costs money. It is important for you to understand the process before you begin. This will help you decide if and when you should apply to the regulatory body for registration.

In some professions, it is illegal to work or use the title of the profession if you are not registered with the regulatory body. In other professions, you can do the work of the profession, but you must register with the regulatory body if you want to use the title of the profession.

Some professions are not regulated by law, but may have voluntary professional bodies. Some voluntary bodies provide certification courses and registration which may be valuable to get work in your profession. Membership in these professional bodies is not mandatory.


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Click here for a list of professions and information on how to become licensed. Click here for information on trades.

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