Language Training

Specialized Classes for the Workplace

As an employer seeking to maximize the skills of newcomers to Ontario, you may have identified new or prospective employees who could benefit from better language skills in the workplace. The Specialized Language Training Pilot Projects are classes that offer job-specific language training in one of two ways:

  • Language Training for the Workplace (LTFW) assists immigrants in finding work in a specific field, by offering sector-specific English as a Second Language (ESL) / French as a Second Language (FSL) training; and
  • Language Training in the Workplace (LTIW) helps immigrants who are already employed to improve their ESL/FSL language skills at work.

Key occupational sectors for this program include:

  • Accounting, Business and Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Health Care and Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Food and Beverage

Find more information in the Specialized Language Training section of this site. It includes a list of the school boards that are being funded to deliver Language Training for the Workplace courses. The list also includes the sectors each project focuses on and relevant contact information.

Find a Language Class

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Improving employees’ language skills in Ontario

Adult Language Training

Skilled immigrant employees can choose from many different full-time and part-time language training classes, depending on their immigration status.

English and French School Boards or community agencies located across Ontario provide language training classes. Language training programs provided by school boards are called adult non-credit language training. Non-credit language training can be found by contacting a school board in your area.

Employees can take beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of language training courses. There are general programs for speaking, listening, reading and writing. They may also take language training to improve business skills in special job areas such as accounting, computers or communication. Some school boards offer literacy classes and help prepare newcomers for postsecondary study.

Skilled immigrants can also take Citizenship and Language classes which can help them learn about Canada and Ontario, and about active citizenship. These classes also cover information required to pass the citizenship test.

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Where can skllled immigrants find specialized language training?

Enhanced Language Training (ELT) is an initiative offered in Ontario. Enhanced Language Training offers skilled immigrants labour market language training and job-specific language training to prepare them for work in Ontario.