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In Ontario, education is the foundation for a growing economy and a strong society. We offer educational opportunities for people of all ages.

You can find out about our publicly-funded school systems, Ontario’s world-class colleges and universities, adult learning, language training and how to apply as an international student.


You will be able to research and, in some cases, register and participate in different courses before you arrive in Ontario. Doing as much as you can before arrival will mean focusing your efforts on other issues once you arrive.

For information on working in a profession or trade in Ontario, visit the Work In Your Profession section.

Important links you will find in this section

If you are not a permanent or temporary resident or a citizen of Canada and you want to study in Ontario, find out how to apply for a temporary study permit.

The Ontario Government’s overview of Ontario’s universities and colleges of applied arts and technology will help you to choose a school and apply to the school of your choice.

You can find out about Ontario’s school systems for children with these guides prepared for newcomers.



Before You Arrive

Before you arrive

Moving to Ontario

Information to help guide you - what you need to know about housing, health care, how to find a job, enter a profession or trade, start a business or go to school.

After You Arrive

After you arrive

Your New Home

Ontario has one of the most multicultural populations in the world. No matter what country you are arriving from, there is probably a community from that background in Ontario.