Register an Expression of Interest

Before registering your Expression of Interest (EOI) :

  • Ensure that you have carefully reviewed the Program Guide: Entrepreneur Stream  to understand all criteria and the full application process.
  • Review the registration instructions for the OINP e-Filing Portal.
  • Ensure that you have carefully reviewed the required documentation checklist in order to understand what documentation you will be required to provide to support the points you will outline in your EOI.
  • Ensure that your business partner (if applicable) meets all minimum eligibility criteria and is also prepared to provide documentation to support the points they will claim in their EOI. 

Using an authorized representative
If you plan to authorize a representative to register your EOI and complete your online application (if your EOI is drawn), your representative must first create a ONe-key ID by creating a ONe-key account and registering as a representative.  For more information on authorizing a representative, please reference the Program Guide: Entrepreneur Stream.

Register an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Entrepreneur Stream.

If you are having technical issues or difficulty registering an EOI, please contact us.

Draw Information

The OINP will periodically conduct draws from the Entrepreneur Stream Expression of Interest (EOI) selection pool and invite registrants from this pool to submit an application to the OINP.

The following chart outlines the minimum score requirement for each draw, and the number of registrants from the EOI selection pool who were invited to apply.

Registrants will be informed via email if they have been invited to apply. Registrants may also wish to monitor their ONe-Key account for this information.

For more information on the Entrepreneur Stream program requirements including how to register an EOI, please refer to the Program Guide: Entrepreneur Stream.

If you have specific questions on the first draw, please contact the OINP: by email at or by phone: 416-327-0374, or toll-free 1-866-214-6820.


Draw Date

Minimum Score

Number of Invitations

August 29, 2016



December 22, 2016 123 20
May 5, 2017 120 22
February 5, 2018 137 13
April 16, 2018 132 13
May 14, 2018 127 10
June 13, 2018 124 13
July 17, 2018 120 20
August 20, 2018 110 21
September 21, 2018 117 16