Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program: After you apply

Employers whose Pre-screen Application is approved will receive a package of nominee materials which will allow them to proceed to the next step of the application process. This package consists of:

  • Employer Pre-screen Approval letter
    • This letter advises the employer that the application has been approved by OINP for the position(s) indicated in the letter. It is possible that an employer may be approved for some, but not all, of the positions requested.

  • Pre-screen Position form
    • This is the official document that identifies the position that the employer is entitled to fill. A position form will be issued for each approved position, and the form will include:
      • Pre-screen File Number
      • Position Title
      • NOC Code
      • Date of Employer Pre-screen Approval
      • Expiry Date
    • This form must be completed by both the employer and the prospective nominee and must contain original signatures from both parties. This form must be included in the nominee application.

  • Application package for each prospective nominee

The employer is responsible for ensuring that all of the information is correct in the material they will submit.

The Pre-screen Approval letter is an essential document. If this document is lost, stolen or destroyed, please contact OINP immediately. Nominee applications will not be processed without the original Pre-screen Approval letter.

Prospective nominee applications must be received within 60 calendar days of the issue date of the Pre-screen Position form.

If the nominee application is not received within 60 days of the date of issue of the Pre-screen Position form, then the approved position is no longer eligible for submission to the Program and the employer will be required to reapply.

Provide a job offer to prosepective nominee

The approved employer must provide the prospective nominee with an original signed and dated job offer. The job offer must meet the following requirements:

  • Printed on company letterhead and identify company address, telephone/fax numbers, email, and website addresses; 
  • Identify the responsible Officer/Supervisor and include his/her signature;
  • Stamped with the company’s corporate seal (if applicable); AND
  • indicate the following:
    • Occupation title
    • Wage for full-time, permanent position being offered
    • Duties and responsibilities
    • Number of hours per week and a number of weeks of work per year
    • Number of days/weeks of vacation
    • Workplace location
    • Employment start date, and
    •  an indication that the offer being made is for a permanent, full-time position

Prospective nominees must include this job offer in the nominee application package.

Complete the joint verification form

The Joint Verification Form can be found here. This form must be signed by the Employer and the prospective nominee, and must accompany the nominee application package (otherwise, the nominee application will not be processed).
To complete the form, the employer must provide:

  • Company name
  • Name of authorized signing officer
  • Title of the position
  • Name of employee (prospective nominee)
  • Rate of pay per hour or week, number of hours worked per week
  • Number of weeks per year
  • Dated signature of signing officer.

Should an employer want to act for the nominee during the nominee application stage of the process, the nominee must submit an Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative form indicating the employer as the representative. This form must be signed by the nominee and included in their complete nominee application package.

Important : Feedback for the purposes of program evaluation

OINP may seek feedback from the nominee and the Employer up to 5 years after the successful nomination for permanent residency of the prospective nominee

Helping new employees settle in Ontario

OINP provides employers the opportunity to recruit and retain foreign workers and qualifying international students. A key part of retaining foreign workers is helping them integrate into the workplace and the wider community.
Settling in a new country is exciting and rewarding, but it can also be challenging. Ontario offers a world of opportunities to newcomers. This section provides employers with important information about settlement and integration.
Newcomers might need to find a place to live, enrol their children in school, arrange health insurance and maybe sign up for language classes. Employers can help them during these early stages by providing them with guidance and support.

Once the new employee has been nominated as a provincial nominee, employers should refer them to the useful information and guides found on the After You Arrive section of this website.

Employers should consider some of the following questions when developing their plans to help their new employee get oriented and settled:

  1. Where will your new employee live?
  2. How will your new employee commute to work?
  3. What questions will your new employee have about health care?
  4. Will he or she need to open a bank account?
  5. How will you communicate workplace safety and employment standards?
  6. Are there community agencies with services for newcomers nearby?
  7. Are language classes needed for your new employee or his or her family?
  8. How will the family enrol children in school?
  9. How will you prepare other employees for the arrival of your new employee?
  10. What information will you need to provide during the first days at work?

Additional information about hiring, integrating and retaining foreign workers and best practices can be found at Hire Immigrants.