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OINP provides employers the opportunity to recruit and retain foreign workers and qualifying international students. A key part of retaining foreign workers is helping them integrate into the workplace and the wider community.

Settling in a new country is exciting and rewarding, but it can also be challenging. Ontario offers a world of opportunities to newcomers. This section provides employers with important information about settlement and integration.

Newcomers might need to find a place to live, enrol their children in school, arrange health insurance and maybe sign up for language classes. Employers can help them during these early stages by providing them with guidance and support.

Once the new employee has been nominated as a provincial nominee, employers should refer them to the useful information and guides found on the After You Arrive section of this website.

Employers should consider some of the following questions when developing their plans to help their new employee get oriented and settled:

  1. Where will your new employee live?
  2. How will your new employee commute to work?
  3. What questions will your new employee have about health care?
  4. Will he or she need to open a bank account?
  5. How will you communicate workplace safety and employment standards?
  6. Are there community agencies with services for newcomers nearby?
  7. Are language classes needed for your new employee or his or her family?
  8. How will the family enrol children in school?
  9. How will you prepare other employees for the arrival of your new employee?
  10. What information will you need to provide during the first days at work?

Additional information about hiring, integrating and retaining foreign workers and best practices can be found at Hire Immigrants.

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