How are the new Business Streams different from the Investor Component?

Criteria & Process

Old Investor Component
(CLOSED – Applications will no longer be accepted on or after October 29, 2015+ )
NEW Corporate Stream++
(Accepting applications as of December 18, 2015)
NEW Entrepreneur Stream++
(Accepting Expression of Interest submissions as of December 18, 2015*)
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+ Full eligibility criteria and application process for the previous Investor Component can be found here.
++Other criteria will apply. Criteria are subject to change. All applicants must comply with the Immigrant and Refugee Protections Regulations (IRPR). For more information on the new Business Streams, visit the Corporate Stream or the Entrepreneur Stream section of this website.
*Entrepreneurs and the business partner (if applicable) must first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) first before being invited to apply.
**Additional business partner must meet all eligibility criteria and minimum investment and job creation commitments per prospective nominee (i.e. $500k or $1M and 2 net new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents).
***Prospective nominees (key staff, entrepreneur and business partner, if applicable) will be required to provide proof of language proficiency at the time of nomination after their business has met the commitments in the Performance Agreement.