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Youth: Jobs

Having a part time or summer job is a great way to make money and gain valuable work experience. The provincial and federal governments have a variety of youth employment programs, and resources are also available to help with job-seeking outside of government.

Before you begin looking for a job, make sure you have a Social Insurance Number and are old enough to work in your desired position.


First you will need to write a résumé that showcases your experience and talents.

You will also need a cover letter.

Interviewing is a crucial step in getting a job. Here are some tips on how to impress your interviewers.

If you interview with the Ontario Government, consult the Ontario Public Service’s Top Ten Interview Tips.

Know your rights on the job. Learn about workplace rights and safety.

If you want to work with children, for instance as a babysitter or at a camp, you may be required to take courses in first aid and CPR. They are offered in your community through organizations like the St. John’s Ambulance, the Canadian Red Cross, and your local emergency response services (the police, ambulances and firefighters).

Job Banks

The Government of Canada has a Job Bank with jobs for Canadian youth.

Local Youth Employment Centres or Ontario’s Youth Employment Services (YES) can help you find a job in your area.

You can look for a job, post your resumé and find work search tips online using job search websites. Here are a few examples:

Job Search Engines

Job search engines allow you to search for job opportunities. You don’t post your resumé on a job search engine. The job search engine links you directly to the employer’s or recruiter’s website.

Canadian job search engines include:

Online Career Matching

Magnet, an innovative career-networking platform, uses technology to help businesses recruit qualified students and graduates for jobs in their fields.

Government Employment Programs

You can apply to work in the Government of Canada through its Federal Student Work Experience Program, through its Heritage Ministry’s Young Canada Works program, or through its regular student hiring.

The Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) offers internships with the government.

While in school, you can get hands-on experience through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program.

Every summer, hundreds of students are hired by the Ontario Public Service through its Regular Summer Student Hiring program.

You can also apply to the Ontario Government’s Summer Experience Program, where 15-24 year olds can gain work experience in a variety of environments.

If you love nature, consider becoming an Ontario Stewardship Youth Ranger for the summer.

If you have an idea for a business you would like to start, apply for the Ontario Summer Company program. Mentors, Ventures and Plans can support your business.

Planning for Your Future

Picking the right career is important. You can research future jobs and learn what careers are best-suited to your skill set with the Government of Canada Career Navigator.

The Government of Canada can also help you develop a career plan. describes the different types of occupations in Canada. For information about the job market in Ontario, visit Ontario Job Futures.

After you finish high school, consider a career in the Canadian Forces.