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Welcoming Newcomers to the North

An exciting, innovative and culturally diverse community, Timmins offers a wide range of work, business and education opportunities and services. In Timmins you’ll find beautiful land, friendly people and a strong economy built on the region’s solid natural resources-based industries.

Strategically located in the heart of Northeastern Ontario, Timmins is easily accessible. Timmins has over 400 lakes and rivers within the city boundaries that offer boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and camping opportunities.

The Timmins community is friendly and open. Its people recognize the benefits of a mutually respectful, culturally and linguistically diverse society. Local residents enjoy sharing in the rich cultural heritage and traditions celebrated by the people who have made this area their home.

Timmins thrives on a well-educated bilingual workforce (French and English), superior telecommunications infrastructure and post-secondary institutions, and is an ideal location for business.

Visit the Timmins municipal immigration portal to find out more about living and working in this great city.

For more information on housing costs and trends, please visit the section for Timmins on the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) website.


The City of Timmins offers blissful serenity unlike any other, where well paved roads go on for miles, where local residents are welcoming, and where the scenery is breathtaking.

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Timmins and neighbouring cities
Proximity to large centres Toronto North Bay Timmins
Approximate distance 689 km 362 km 362 km
Timmins and neighbouring cities
Population 42,997 residents
Major industries in Timmins:
Key industries Health care
 Climate in Timmins:
Average temperatures January July
1971-2000 -17.5C 17.4C

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