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Peel Region

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Peel Region is the second largest municipality in Ontario with a population of more than 1.3 million people and 88,000 businesses. It is located in the heartland of southern Ontario, close to many amenities and attractions. Our southern border is Lake Ontario and our northern border lies in the green hills of Caledon.

Peel’s three local municipalities – City of Brampton, City of Mississauga and Town of Caledon are some of the most diverse and fastest growing communities in Ontario. People from over 200 different ethnic origins, speaking more than 70 different languages call Peel region their home. Residents enjoy excellent education and health services, and a variety of cultural entertainment and recreation amenities. These safe, well-managed communities also offer a wide range of work and business opportunities.

Visit the Peel Region municipal immigration portal to find information about learning, living, working, and doing business in Peel. Also, read the real like stories from newcomers who have found success in their new lives in Peel and watch the video Peel Offers Endless Possibilities.

For more information on housing costs and trends, please visit the section for Peel Region (Mississauga) on the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) website.


Peel’s diverse population and close proximity to Toronto makes it an ideal place for those looking for the excitement of the city plus the beauty of the countryside. Peel Region has many transportation options to and from Toronto - one of Canada's major centres of cultural and economic activity.

This is a picture of Mississauga's skyline

 Peel Region and neighbouring cities:
Cities Brampton Mississauga Caledon
Proximity to Toronto 41 km 27 km 65 km

*Single detached dwelling

 Population size of Peel Region:
Population 1,296,814 residents
 Major industries in Peel Region:
Key industries Manufacturing
Services sector
 Climate in Peel Region:
Average temperatures January July
Years: 1971-2000 -6.3C 20.8C

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