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Northwestern Ontario

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From the natural beauty of Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake, to the modern City of Thunder Bay, voted the most affordable urban centre to live in the world, Northwestern Ontario offers diverse lifestyle choices.

Northwestern Ontario is less populated than any other region in Ontario. It is mostly rural with 235,000 residents living across a large geographic area. Forests, rivers and lakes run through the region, and there are many wilderness parks and conservation areas between its cities and towns.

Major employment sectors are in natural resource-based industries such as mining, forestry, energy and tourism. Other industries exist mainly to service the needs of the regional market, such as construction, I.T., transportation, retail and professional services.

Learning is an important part of life in Northwestern Ontario. There are hundreds of elementary and secondary schools across the region for students of all abilities, including those with special needs. Northwestern Ontario is also proud of its world-class colleges and universities which offer a range of certificate, diploma and university degree courses on a part-time or full-time basis.

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Northwestern Ontario offers affordable housing and transportation, excellent municipal services, world-class health and social care, a range of entertainment and leisure options, all add to the safe and clean environment to create a quality of life that is second to none.

 Northwestern Ontario and its communities (1 of 4):
Cities Armstrong Atikokan Conmee Dorion Dryden Ear Falls Fort Frances Gillies
To Thunder Bay 250 km 209 km 35 km 70 km 356 km 500 km 350 km 35 km
To Sault Ste. Marie 919 km 887 km 737 km 625 km 1,035 km 1,180 km 932 km 739 km
To Winnipeg Manitoba 814 km 580 km 668 km 760 km 352 km 410 km 429 km 694 km
 Northwestern Ontario and its communities (2 of 4):
Cities Greenstone Hornepayne Ignace Kenora Machin Manitouwadge Marathon Neebing
290 km 490 km 251 km 494 km 383 km 393 km 305 km 36 km
To Sault Ste. Marie 553 km 414 km 930 km 1,188 km 1,061 km 419 km 411 km 736 km
Winnipeg Manitoba
994 km 1,170 km 457 km 209 km 325 km 1,073 km 985 km 719 km
 Northwestern Ontario and its communities (3 of 4):
Cities Nipigon O'Connor Oliver Paipoonge Pickle Lake Rainy River Red Lake Red Rock Schreiber
To Thunder Bay 120 km 43 km 27 km 539 km 441 km 571 km 115 km 210 km
To Sault Ste. Marie 587 km 737 km 718 km 1,217 km 1,015 km 1,250 km 605 km 497 km
To Winnipeg Manitoba 800 km 683 km 683 km 707 km 265 km 483 km 795 km 889 km
 Northwestern Ontario and its communities (4 of 4):
Cities Shuniah Sioux Lookout Sioux Narrows - Nestor Falls Terrace Bay Thunder Bay Wawa West Rainy River White River
To Thunder Bay 57 km 382 km 490 km 223 km not applicable 476 km 430 km 385 km
To Sault Ste. Marie 659 km 1,061 km 1,072 km 483 km 706 km 227 km 1,037 km 314 km
To Winnipeg Manitoba 737 km 449 km 289 km 904 km 708 km 1,161 km 265 km 1,068 km

*Single detached dwelling

 This is a picture of a Northwestern Ontario Country road

 Population size of Northwestern Ontario:
Population 235,000 residents
 Major industries in Northwestern Ontario:
Key industries Energy
 Climate in Northwestern Ontario:
Average temperatures January July
vary with location -18C 18C

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