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Transcript: Voices of Immigration – London and Middlesex

Maria: Here, I’ve learned that my dreams can come true if I work for them. Something that back home, I would have never thought possible.

Aiden: When you come here as a refugee, the first thing in your mind is safety.

Daryush: London was calm and quiet. You couldn’t believe that the city has over 300,000 population.

Aiden: Once we came here, we said ‘oh thank God, we are safe at least.’

Ticha: I like London. Yes, it’s kinda spread out and I like the idea that it’s small and you just drive a few minutes, or even within the city, you almost feel like you are in the country.

Jose: It’s not too small. It’s not too big. When you get a small town, you don’t have many, many service. When you get big cities, big trouble, big problems.

Lauren: I fell in love with the country and then decided to stay here. The first person I met in London has become one of my closest friends here.

Fadela: I love the feel of community here. There’s definitely that feeling of belonging.

Daryush: I’m a Londoner and to be honest with you, I feel more Londoner than being Canadian because wherever I go I like to go back to London.

Shin: When I came here, it makes me so surprised, you know. The bus route, the public transportation route is so wonderful.

Andrea: And I love how they have like festivals and they do like the lighting in downtown. It’s kinda like a family. It’s like a family community.

Ticha: All the things which happen in big cities – you have all the big ticket names if you like music.

Fadela: You don’t have to go that far to, to do things. Whether it’s like summer related or winter related.

Daryush: When they go to Victoria Park, right, they can sit anywhere. Anywhere they can sit. They might hesitate to feel Victoria Park is yours. Is this festival, you can go anywhere you want. You can walk along the Thames River without any difficulties, without any fear.

Ticha: When I first came, I used to live near Springbank Park. And I used to go there a lot, and with friends I have made we always barbeque.

Luz: We enjoy to go to restaurants, go to the movie or the mall.

Fadela: London has a lot of multicultural restaurants. If you are in the mood for Middle Eastern, you’ll definitely find it. If you are in the mood for Japanese or Korean or Thai, you can definitely find that as well.

Ticha: It’s a small city but it’s becoming like a little cosmopolitan.

Daryush: I gradually become a hockey lover. But we become addicted to Hockey Night in Canada. Now we added one more sport – London hockey is also something we always watch.

Jose: I like the London Knights.

Fadela: I was asked: who do I belong with? Like, do I belong with the Afghan community or do I belong with the Arab community and for me, it’s not a sense, like I don’t feel left out in any of the communities.

Ticha: My sister, my niece, they all came to London. After I had been here I told them London was good, so…

Hae: I love London.

Shin: It makes me so happy to be here, right.

Daryush: To be more accustomed to London; to know London; to feel London; to taste it. Tastes great.