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Leeds & Grenville

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The Leeds & Grenville region, located in Eastern Ontario, is a pictoresque area of the province conveniently located between three of Canada’s largest cities: Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. It is also home to two major bridges that offer access to the United States.

Leeds & Grenville is home to 13 municipalities including the City of Brockville, its economic and cultural hub. You will find world-class educational institutions, safe communities with friendly neighbours, and an excellent quality of life.

Leeds & Grenville is also a great place to do business. It is home to competitive businesses and industries and many large multinational corporations have chosen to base their headquarters or significant operational properties in the region.

Visit the Leeds & Grenville municipal immigration portal to find information about living, working and doing business in this beautiful area of the province.

For more information on housing costs and trends, please visit the section for Leeds & Grenville on the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) website.


Leeds & Grenville has little villages and small to medium sized cities and towns and communities to fit almost everyone's living style and preferences. 

 Leeds & Grenville and neighbouring cities:
Proximity to large centres Ottawa Kingston Toronto Montreal
Approximate distance 110 km 85 km 340 km 210 km

This is a picture of the Leeds & Grenville Bridge

 Population size of Leeds & Grenville:
Population 85,828 residents
 Major industries in Leeds & Grenville:
Key industries Agriculture
High technology
 Climate in Leeds & Grenville:
Average temperatures January July
1971-2000 -8.2C 20.8C

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