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City of Kingston

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Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Kingston is a vibrant city that is home to residents of many different backgrounds. In addition to its modern amenities, Kingston is also rich in history.

The city was founded by a French nobleman and later served as Canada’s first capital. The historic Fort Henry, the Rideau Canal and Kingston fortifications have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kingston features three hospitals, a vibrant arts community, modern recreational facilities and numerous museums. It is also an ideal place for both children and adults to study, with two universities, a community college, four school boards and an extensive network of public libraries. Many adult education programs can be taken in continuing or distance-education formats.

It is close to three large cities – Toronto, Montreal and the Canadian capital of Ottawa – but boasts the convenience of a smaller municipality. Kingston is a medium-size comfortable family-oriented place in which to live. Visit Kingston's municipal immigration portal for information about living, working and raising a family in Kingston.

For more information on housing costs and trends, please visit the section for the city of Kingston on the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) website.


Kingston is safe, clean and easy to get around. It also features some of Canada’s finest weather, giving citizens the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities associated with all four seasons. The city is also committed to preserving the natural environment and reducing waste, with a multi-faceted recycling program in place.

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 Kingston and neighbouring cities:
Proximity to large centres Toronto Ottawa Montreal
Approximate distance 265 km 195 km 290 km
 Population size of Kingston:
Population 123,363 residents
 Major industries in Kingston:
Key industries

Clean technologies/Innovation
Research and development
Advanced manufacturing (including Food processing)
Tourism (marketing, attraction and development)
Health Care

 Climate in Kingston:
Average temperatures January July
Years: 1982-2012 -7.1C 21.4C

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The Kingston municipal immigration portal is funded and administered through the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, as part of the Municipal Immigration Information Online (MIIO) Program. Visit the Cities and Towns section of for other municipal immigration portals.