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City of Hamilton

This picture is the City of Hamilton's Banner

Located only about 75 kilometres southwest of Toronto, Hamilton is the third-largest city in Ontario and the ninth-largest city in Canada with almost 25% of its residents born outside of Canada.

Hamilton is well-known for producing steel, but the industry and job market are changing. Today, major industries in Hamilton include manufacturing, bioscience and medical and agriculture. Situated in the cluster of highways, train lines and airports that service southern Ontario, the city that can be reached with ease by many different means.

Hamilton boasts a robust education sector, featuring local universities, colleges and school boards, as well as a thriving arts scene. Areas such as James Street North have become a destination for artists and art aficionados.

Hamilton offers newcomers a wide variety of living accommodations, including family homes, high- and low-rise condos, townhouses and others. Visit Hamilton's municipal immigration portal to find out about living, working and going to school in this city.

For more information on housing costs and trends, please visit the section for the city of Hamilton on the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) website.


Hamilton is a medium-sized city in southwest Ontario that features a rich cultural heritage and vibrant, welcoming neighbourhoods.

Picture: City of Hamilton

 Hamilton and neighbouring cities:
Proximity to large centres Toronto Buffalo
New-York, USA
Approximate distance 75 km 117 km
 Population size of Hamilton:
Population 504,559 residents
 Major industries in Hamilton:
Key industries Agricultural related companies
 Climate in Hamilton:
Average temperatures January July
Years: 1971-2000 -6C 20.8C

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The Hamilton municipal immigration portal is funded and administered through the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, as part of the Municipal Immigration Information Online (MIIO) Program. Visit the Cities and Towns section of for other municipal immigration portals.