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Health Services

Community Care Access Centres (CCACs)

CCAC organizations in communities across Ontario manage local care. Your Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) connects you with care in your home, care in your community and long-term care. You can find your local CCAC by using the Ontario CCACs Map.

Community Health Centres (CHCs)

Community Health Centres (CHCs) are non-profit organizations that provide education and advice to help families access the resources they need from other community agencies. You can find a community health centre in your area by selecting one of the offices in this list.

Warning: Not all Community Health Centres offer services in French.


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The healthy choice
You will not necessarily find French speaking doctors and nursing staff in hospitals, medical clinics and doctor’s office. Make sure that you come accompanied of a friend or relative who can translate for you if you’re not comfortable in English. Call Telehealth Ontario for advice if you don’t understand your medical condition or the care or medicine you have been prescribed. Use bilingual sites like Women’s Health Matters to access reliable health information and resources in both languages.

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Public Health Units

Ontario has public health units that administer health promotion and disease prevention programs to inform the public about healthy life-styles, communicable disease control including education in STDs/AIDS, immunization, food premises inspection, healthy growth and development including parenting education, health education for all age groups and selected screening services.

Its laboratories provide testing, related expert advice and research in support of the prevention and control of infectious diseases and the protection and promotion of the public's health in Ontario.

Public Health Units usually offer free dental care for certain target groups such as the elderly and children. Contact your public health unit for more information about the services they offer.

Warning: The French Language Services Act doesn’t extend to municipalities. However, some municipalities, like Ottawa, Cornwall and Sudbury among others, where there’s a higher concentration of Francophones, do offer services in French.

Viens vivre en Ontario

Viens vivre en Ontario

Ontario's Municipal Francophone Immigration website, Viens vivre en Ontario (in French) provides local information about French services and local information on education, business, employment and health in various communities across Ontario.

Note: The Francophone Association of municipalities of Ontario advocate for the maintenance and betterment of municipal services in French in Ontario. Their municipal members and associate members provide you with a list of municipalities and organizations that are committed to municipal services in French in Ontario.

Tip: Use the Cities & Towns section to access municipal immigration portals across Ontario. Also note that the immigration portals for the cities of Kingston, Ottawa, Sudbury and Timmins are in both English and French.

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