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Municipal Francophone Immigration Website

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Please note that the Municipal Francophone Immigration site is in French only.

Ontario is a beautiful province with thousands of freshwater lakes and rivers. You can find vast wilderness and provincial parks right next to large cosmopolitan cities. Ontario cities are safe and among the best places in the world to live, work and study.

Living in French in Ontario

Ontario’s Francophone community is the largest Francophone community in Canada outside of Quebec. The Franco-Ontarian community is diverse and welcomes Francophones from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

In Ontario, there are 25 designated areas where French services are guaranteed. Across the province there are Francophone community centres, festivals, art galleries and media that offer services across the province.

There are 12 publicly funded French-language school boards in Ontario, with over 425 French-language schools. Ontario has two publicly funded French-language colleges and 9 French-language and bilingual schools offering university programs.

Ontario’s French Language Services Act guarantees that public services provided by a ministry or agency of the Government of Ontario (driver's licence, birth certificate, information, etc) are available in French. About 85% of Franco-Ontarians live in an area designated to provide French services (areas where Francophones must make up at least 10% of the population and urban centres that have at least 5000 Francophones).


Ontario's Municipal Francophone Immigration website provides you with local information about French services as well as local information on education, business, employment and health in various communities across Ontario.

Visit the Municipal Francophone Immigration website to find out more about living, working and doing business in these communities.