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Welcome to Newcomers - Chatham Kent

Located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario with close proximity to the U.S. and major urban centres, Chatham-Kent makes an ideal location to establish a commercial or agricultural business.

Chatham-Kent is home to exciting events and festivities that celebrate a rich heritage. Numerous parks and picnic areas offer quiet locations for rest, relaxation and family time.

The community has a growing number of cultural groups, including a thriving francophone community and a wide variety of educational institutions.

Visit the Chatham-Kent municipal immigration portal for information about this safe and friendly place to live.


Chatham-Kent offers affordable homes in safe communities, strong agricultural heritage, active living, and one of the most moderate climates in the country.

This is a picture of the Chatham Shoreline

 Chatham-Kent and neighbouring cities
Proximity to large centres Windsor London Toronto Detroit,
Michigan USA
Approximate distance 77 km 113 km 291 km 85.3 km
 Population size of Chatham-Kent:
Population 108,000 residents
 Major industries in Chatham-Kent
Key industries Agriculture
Advanced manufacturing
Alternative energy
Real-estate in Chatham-Kent
Average house price $142,000
Single family detached
 Climate in Chatham-Kent
Average temperatures January July
1971-2000 -3.7C 22.5C

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