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How to use this site

As you are getting settled, you will probably have many questions about how things are done. This section of the website helps you to learn about living, working, doing business and studying in Ontario.

On the homepage, you will see a list of categories. Click on one of these and you will be taken to a page where other relevant categories will appear on the left bar. Use these categories to help you further with your search.

There are seven main content areas of the site, which provide information and resources on a number of different topics.

Before You Arrive – Before you immigrate to Ontario, there are many things you can find out about and do to make your transition easier. This section includes information about immigrating, finding work, and what documents you will need.

After You Arrive – Once you have arrived in Ontario, there are many things you will need to do. You will have to arrange for health insurance, a place to live, work and much more. This section will provide information about a number of the issues facing immigrants once they arrive in Ontario.

About Ontario - Here you will find information about Ontario’s People & Culture, Weather & Geography and History & Government. There is also a section on visiting Ontario, which has information about Ontario’s many parks as well as entry requirements for those visiting from outside of Canada.

Working – This section includes information about finding a job in Ontario. Working in Ontario will require job search skills, but also may require upgrading your work skills, language or education. This section of has information about work permits, job search strategies, regulated professions and trades, labour market information and other employment services and resources that can help you to find work in Ontario.

Doing Business – This section includes information about applying as a business immigrant, opening a business in Ontario, and has a number of other resources about Ontario’s economy and how to successfully operate a business in Ontario.

Studying – This section includes information for a wide range of educational needs. If you are thinking about upgrading your schooling as an adult, or attending university, or if you need to find out information about elementary and secondary schools for your children, you will find resources to help you here. Also, international students and those who need language training will find useful links here. If you are interested in language training, you should also visit the ‘Learn English’ section on the right side of the screen.

Living - This section of will lead you to websites that may help you with some of the important aspects of living in Ontario, like finding housing, opening a bank account, getting a driver’s licence and knowing your rights and responsibilities. You may also be interested in the ‘About Ontario’ section for more information about the land, people and history of Ontario.

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At the top of the screen you will see other links to the sections: Before You Arrive, After You Arrive, About Ontario and How To. You will also find a ‘Questions’ category that includes:

Common Questions provides you with answers to the questions most often asked by people going through the immigration and integration process. A review of these questions and answers may save you time.

The Ask an Expert page allows you to pose a question directly to our specialist staff about living, working, doing business or studying in Ontario.

The Site Feedback form is the best way for you to let us know how the site may have helped you and whether we could provide more resources and information on any given topic. We welcome your suggestions and comments.

These sections appear on the homepage and on the right side of the screen on all other pages:

How to Apply links you to the many government forms and applications that are available online.

Learn English will help you to find out about language training and assessment programs, as well as translation services.

Popular Links is constantly searching the web to find new resources. On this page you will find links to other helpful immigration websites.

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The A-Z Index is a list of common words and phrases. Once you click on a word, you will receive a list of links relevant to that word.