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Documents You Need

This section is all about documents – the documents you must bring with you when you arrive, and the documents you will need to get once you're here.

The Permanent Resident Card, issued by the federal government, is an important document you will receive when you’re admitted to Canada as a permanent resident. It is proof of your status in Canada. Be sure to keep it with you if you leave the country and have plans to return.

Other important links in this section include: how to get a Social Insurance Card from the federal government, and how to get an Ontario Health Card and an Ontario driver’s license.

Learn more:

Permanent Resident Cards are required by all immigrants if they should leave Canada and plan to return.

Social Insurance Number (SIN) everyone who works in Canada must have a social insurance number. This links you to information on how to get a SIN.

For information on how to obtain a health card in Ontario, see our Health Care section.

You can also learn about how to get an Ontario driver’s license by going to our Getting Around section.

Here is a link to other Government of Ontario and Government of Canada forms of interest to immigrants, such as employment, education and health.

You can also link to the Government of Ontario electronic forms site to download forms and fill them out at home.

Here is a link to a list of Government of Canada online forms and services available online.