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Weather & Geography


Ontario enjoys four different seasons every year. Because the province is so big, average temperatures can vary considerably from north to south.

We have warm summers during July and August and comfortable weather in spring (May and June) and the fall (September and October). Winters can be very cold, especially in Northern Ontario. If you are used to a tropical or hot climate, be prepared to dress warmly during the winter.

Some average temperatures:
Location January July
Toronto -4.2C 22.2C
Sudbury -13.6C 19.0C
Windsor/Essex -4.5C 22.7C

For today’s weather information go to the Environment Canada Weather Office, which provides regular updates about regional conditions in Ontario.

Here is a link to more information about Ontario's seasons and weather.

See the average temperatures in other Ontario communities.


Even people who live in Ontario can have trouble appreciating the size of the province. Ontario’s geography includes natural features like the Great Lakes forests and agricultural land.

Find out how to enjoy our stunning natural beauty in our provincial parks and how to enjoy various outdoor recreation activities throughout the province.


The Learn to Camp Program @ Ontario Parks can help you discover camping culture in Ontario through free community presentations and guided overnight camping experiences, equipment provided. For more information, visit Learn to camp).

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