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Visiting Ontario

Ontario offers something for everyone. If you’re thinking about a visit, this section will help you plan your activities.

Find out about world-famous Niagara Falls, which attracts 18 million visitors a year … the Greater Toronto Area and its world-class arts and culture, shopping and dining … unspoiled northern forests and crystal-clear lakes … charming towns and villages in the countryside … beautiful architecture, historical sites … and more.

This section also covers travel details, such as visa information, and how to get around once you’re here.

Visiting Ontario

Ontario Travel Information Centres provide information for tourists throughout the province.

Travelling around Ontario during your visit by car, bus, plane or boat.

Entry and visa requirements for visitors

Medical requirements for visitors to Ontario

Canadian Currency

General information for individuals interested in immigrating to Ontario as a business immigrant.

See the Cities and Towns section to find a city or town you wish to visit.