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What’s pink, fuzzy and sweet, usually found at community fairs and gives kids a “sugar rush” (a short burst of energy from eating or drinking something very sweet and sugary)?

A picture of Cotton Candy

Answer: Cotton Candy!

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Cotton candy is made from sugar and food colouring. A typical cotton candy cone can be a bit bigger than your head!

This sugary treat is easily found almost everywhere in Ontario during Summer Festivals and Fall Fairs.

Cotton Candy comes in many shapes and forms across the globe.

Fairs and Festivals are always in season in every corner of Ontario. Visit the website to find out more about how you can celebrate the seasons with your friends and family.

A Global Treat

An image of Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is also known as Candy Floss, Fairy Floss, Sugar Wool, Dragon’s Beard Candy or barbe à papa in French.

What will you find at a typical Fair in Ontario:

Food and Delicious Treats

Music and Dance

Amusement Rides

Buskers and Entertainers

Crafts and Games

Every fair and festival has its own unique flavour, with something different for you to enjoy. Festivals and Fairs are a great way for you to entertain your entire family and have a full day of fun.

Get out of the city to enjoy Fall Fairs in rural Ontario

Rural Ontario Harvest and Agricultural Fairs are a great way for you to discover hidden treasures across Ontario. You can sample local food and produce, discover local animals and livestock and have a truly unique Ontario experience.

Fairs and across Ontario