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About Ontario

Welcome to Ontario, the most multicultural province in Canada, where half of all new immigrants make their home.

Ontario is a land of opportunity. It is a prosperous, democratic society built by the hard work of generations of immigrants.

On the map, Ontario is in the middle of Canada. It is also the hub of the Canadian economy. It is a magnet for manufacturing, finance, tourism and other industries. It’s also a leader in science and the arts.

Ontario is a big, diverse place. We have one million square kilometres and more than 12 million people. Our population includes people from 200 countries, who speak as many as 130 languages. Our cities are vibrant and our scenery is spectacular.

We hope you consider making Ontario your new home. This section of leads you to information about Ontario, including its people, government and what you need to succeed here.

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Canadians commemorate their country’s birthday every year on July 1. Learn more about Canada Day or browse our Info Ontario section for many other fun and interesting facts about your new home.

If you are planning a trip to Ontario, see the Visiting Ontario section for information on what to do while you are here. That section also sets out what documents you will need to enter Canada.

To learn about Ontario’s regions and communities, see our website’s Cities and Towns section.

If you are looking to set up a business here, or invest in Ontario’s vibrant economy, the Business section has useful information to get you started.

You can click here to find a job or link to any of the major job listing services. For more resources visit the Work section.

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